Lost love in Relationships

What to do when a relationship loses that connection

In my work as a relationship coach, the majority of my clients come to me when they are struggling with their long-term relationships. They may have fallen out of love, or they may find arguments and disagreements get in the way of the relationship.




I can help people rekindle their relationships in several ways:

Identifying and addressing underlying issues: I can help you identify and address any underlying issues that may be causing problems in your relationship. This could involve identifying patterns of behaviour, communication issues, or individual insecurities that affect your relationship.

Improving communication: We can work together to improve your communication skills, which is often a major factor in relationship problems. You can learn to listen actively, express your feelings effectively, and communicate in a way that fosters understanding and connection.

Setting goals: I can work with you to set goals for your relationship, which can help rekindle your connection and focus on positive changes. This could involve setting goals around spending more quality time together, expressing gratitude, or developing a shared vision for the future.

Developing new habits: I can help you to develop new habits and behaviours that can strengthen their relationship. This could involve practicing mindfulness, learning to manage stress more effectively, or developing new ways to show love and affection.

Providing accountability and support: I can provide ongoing support and accountability as you work to rekindle your relationship.

Coaching you to coach yourself

My work is not about telling you what to do, or giving easy solutions to your problems. I simply provide the environment where you can ask yourself the right questions, and find your own solutions. Sometimes, simply by approaching a problem from a different mind-set, you will find the situation is easier to resolve than before.

Seeing an argument from another perspective, or finding new insight into a situation in a relationship can make all the difference towards rekindling respect, love and greater harmony. Contact me to book a free initial coaching session about how you can improve your relations, both in your family and love life, and also in your everyday life too.